Group Shakes


All shakes are Sunday, 9-11:30 am
Studio 3 at Green Street Studios
185 Green Street, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

GROUP SHAKE 2: Sunday April 9
Guest Speaker TBD

GROUP SHAKE 3: Sunday, May 21
Guest Speaker TBD

GROUP SHAKE 1: action/body series
w guest speaker Emily from Roca Boston

A Group Shake is an 1-1.5 hour collective somatic event. We shake, to music, together for duration with the emphasis on shaking the body in various ways. It can look like dancing but we don’t have to be concerned with appearance, skill or rhythm. Group and individual ecstatic and meditative states can be achieved.

The monthly action/body series uses the Group Shake model but frames it within social and political activism. We invite a representative from local and national organizations to come and give a brief (10 min.) overview of their work in the world. Topics range from race and gender issues to environmental action, indigenous rights and other causes.
We then spend an hour or more shaking inside of that frame, together and close it out.
It’s fun, moving, connective and informative.

All are welcome, pay what you can, but $5-$15 donations are suggested.
See you there!