About Our Workshops:

Where? ,Electric Fish is currently nestled primarily in Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA but the location may change depending on the size, structure and needs of the class. Please see specific workshops for locations.

When? Unless noted, all Electric Fish workshops are weekend intensives. It is important structurally that as a participant you be available for the entirety of the workshop as this helps the teacher and class to create a focused and contained environment, so when booking with us it is assumed that you will be attending Friday through Sunday.

How? When you register you will have a chance to tell us where you are coming from and whether you need housing. We happily provide housing through our local community for these events so do tell us if you have specific needs around that (pet allergies, etc.) Directions to and from the events can be found under Locations, and you will receive more details after registration. We do NOT provide food during the weekend. However, most of our venues are located next to restaurants and shops that provide food.

Work-Trade? We occasionally have opportunities for work-trade/scholarship. Please let us know if you are in need of financial aid and, though we cannot guarantee anything, we are here to help.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Curiosity as Impulse  with Sheryl Saterstrom March 10-12Sherry hop.jpg
Friday 3/10 6p-8p, Sat 3/11 9:30a-5p  *60 min lunch* Sun 3/12 12p-4p

Curiosity killed the cat, yet it propelled Alice into “curioser and curioser” adventures, and it regularly entices babies of all species to venture up and out into life. As a collector of “curiosities”, I regularly practice gathering physical objects (usually by looking down); interesting ideas (pausing for a “really”?); and new sensations (by being alert in life). These often can become useful metaphors, visual or tactile images, or curious impulses for a new piece of choreography.

I have found that practicing curiosity as a dancer.mover increases physical awareness and sensitivity, activates creative energy, and leads to who knows where! So we will start each day with curiosity and follow its lead through explorations in experiential anatomy, movement improvisation, and mindful moving practices. Each exploration will help to deepen our understanding of the body, spark playful impulses for moving, and energize connections to life around us.

We also will practice collecting curiosities during the workshop, assembling the collection in a sort of Cabinet of Curiosities, and then use this assemblage as an architecture for creating movement practices, group dances, and who knows what else. We will be surprised at what turns up. We will be curious about what next. And perhaps be propelled into new and unexplored dancing and creating territory.

Sheryl Saterstrom A mover by birth, a dancer by choice and destiny, I changed my major every year as an undergrad, but continued studying Norwegian. I landed in design school in Copenhagen. I wandered into the masters program in dance at Arizona State University then found myself in Des Moines, Iowa joining the emerging Artist-in-the-Schools program. I created Dance Co’Motion with like minded colleagues and began to cement my commitment to the idea that everyone at any age has the right to delight in their own physicality. A move to Minneapolis opened up a career at St. Olaf College in the dance program. While teaching and performing there, I continued my commitment to sharing dance with everyone by creating classes like FUNdamentally Dance, Power Play, Movement as Metaphor, The Body Moveable, The Beat Goes On.

 I enjoy inventing a new approach to teaching movement technique as much as I enjoy launching into a new performance project. To celebrate the new century, I created a workshop in the rainforest in Costa Rica intending to pull dancers and movement artists out of their controlled environments and challenging their notions of dance by navigating unfamiliar terrains.

Over the years I have enjoyed performing with a variety dance artists—Maria Cheng and Dancers, Paula Mann. Bill T. Jones, Novice Weller, Deborah Hay, Body Cartography—and learning from their artistic practice and vision.

For over 30 years I have concentrated my ongoing exploration in the area of body-mind studies as they relate to movement, dance, and the learning process. I completed a certification in Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Cohen and continue to explore Laban/Bartenieff, Authentic Movement, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, and meditation.  My current curiosities include regular Contact/Improvisation and Gaga class and the developing fascial and movement research of Thomas Myers. I’m also trying my hand at flyfishing with the help of my adult son!

Full Workshop Regular – $185 (This is for most people)                                                                 Full Workshop Benefactor – $205 (Please pay this if you can, support the arts! )                 Full Workshop full-time Student/ unemployed – $155

Open Class – $40 (Registration for Open Class will open 1 week prior to the workshop)


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